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25 02, 2015

Custom Picture Framing



Custom Picture Framing

Custom framing protects your artwork and showcases your style. FrameWorks has hundreds of frame colors, styles and profiles to choose from. Whether your style is classic, contemporary or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. We use only archival materials to ensure that your art will last a lifetime. We are educated in the techniques and procedures involved to make sure your artwork is properly protected and will stay that way.

Expert Design Advice

You might expect to be overwhelmed by so many choices. Relax! Our experienced framers can quickly hand-pick the options that best complement your artwork and suit your taste and budget. We can usually tell what mats and frames will look best around your art in a few minutes. Sometimes it takes longer and that’s o.k. too, we will pull every sample off the wall if we have to. It is very important to us that you get a product that you are happy with.

We are also excellent at providing solutions for framing the not so frameable art or objects. Our creative and innovative team always comes up with a plan.

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25 02, 2015

Shadow Boxes and 3D Displays


Sometimes your best memories just won’t lie flat. Bring us your baby clothes, your baseballs, your buffalo skulls—we love a challenge. If you can carry it through the font door, we can find a way to hang it on the wall.

Shadow Boxes and 3D Displays2015-02-26T14:13:35-08:00
25 02, 2015

Canvas Stretching


Do you have a painting or print on unstretched canvas? We stretch canvas on stretcher bars with the utmost precision and care.

Canvas Stretching2015-02-26T14:13:05-08:00
25 02, 2015

Custom Mirrors


Mirrors are a decorator’s secret weapon! If there’s a wall in your home that just needs . . . something, that something is probably a mirror. A mirror instantly transforms a dreary space with new light and depth, while the frame can complement your existing décor or create dramatic contrast. When you buy a custom mirror from FrameWorks, you have complete control over the design process and the assurance that we bring the same exacting attention to quality to creating mirrors as we do to framing art. We make custom mirrors in any size and shape you can imagine.

Custom Mirrors2015-02-26T14:13:57-08:00
25 02, 2015

Read Made Frames


FrameWorks carries a selection of quality ready-made frames for when you just have to have that special frame today! Whether you’re after wood or metal, simple or ornate, large or small – we have them all!

Read Made Frames2015-02-26T14:14:17-08:00
25 02, 2015

Commercial Installations


Bare walls don’t look any better in your business than they do in your home. Posters, diplomas, even safety reminders make statements about your business. With custom framing you can be sure that statement is professional and up to date. Our business clients include St. Joseph’s Hospital, Western Washington University, The City of Bellingham, The Whatcom Museum, Trillium Corporate Headquarters, The Unity Group and Mt. Baker Ski Area, just to name a few.

When you bring your project to us you can be assured of consistent quality and workmanship – whether you need a few or a few hundred. Of course all of our work is backed by our lifetime workmanship guarantee. And we’re easy to work with – we meet your deadline – every time.

We offer discounts for projects of 10 pieces or more and we understand that our continuing success is made possible by repeat business. And of course, repeat business is made possible by exceeding expectations, something that is simply second nature to us.

So if you need help with a project – large or small – give us a call at (360) 650-1001 and discover why Bellingham Frameworks is #1 in northwest Washington.

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25 02, 2015

Lincoln Center x 100


Lincolncenter-2 When New York’s City legendary Lincoln Center wanted to offer gifts of appreciation to their staff, a photograph of the famed landmark by Bellingham-based graphic designer/photographer John Meloy was selected as a lasting memento and 100 12×20”prints were printed by Brett Baunton, owner of ArtScan. Familiar with both the world-class quality of workmanship as well as a well-deserved reputation for meeting deadlines, Baunton recommended Bellingham Frameworks for the epic project. Four weeks and 100 17×25” custom framed prints later, the job was shipped to New York right on schedule and the elegant commemorative framed art was handed out to appreciative staff (including, incidentally, Alan Alda and Alec Baldwin!).

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25 02, 2015

Ben Mann


Ben Mann Studios

I make hand painted originals in acrylic using vivid colors applied to a style I call contemporary folk art.

Bellingham Frameworks provides Great service with expert ease and well thought-out solutions.

Ben Mann2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

Brett Baunton


Brett Baunton Imagery

Brett Baunton is a Bellingham based photographer with credits in National Geographic, Audubon, Alaska and National Wildlife magazines. Brett’s imagery is showcased by The Park and Forest Services and on a U.S. postage stamp. Visit his studio ArtScan downtown above the Blue Horse Gallery or visit Brett’s website at

Bellingham Frameworks staff Paul and Jess are wonderful to work with. They have consistently worked with me to meet deadlines in a timely fashion, creating a professional look for my art at a reasonable price with a smile.

Brett Baunton2019-05-13T15:43:24-07:00
25 02, 2015

Buff Black


Buff Black Photography

Buff is drawn to apparent opposites – cityscape magic and wilderness grandeur. Here at home, his scenes of Bellingham, the North Cascades, and pastoral Whatcom County have been well received by an eclectic mix of local cafes, businesses, and nonprofits (including Futurewise and Sustainable Connections). On the urban flipside, Buff captures the ‘moods of metropolis’ in his big-city skylines, including Chicago and Washington DC, which are now featured in the postcards, posters and calendars of Impact Photographics, America’s leading postcard publisher.

Bellingham Frameworks is top drawer, no dust. Owner Paul Hemminger and his crew have helped me meet some tough crunch deadlines, all with good humor and wit. His rendering of my big images onto canvas has been exceptional, creating vibrant and impactful photos ready for show. In a recent interchange with Paul, we chuckled about how he is not yet a god – but he is a superhero.

Buff Black2019-05-13T15:43:24-07:00
25 02, 2015

Candace Buethorn


Buethorn Watercolor Studio

Watercolor artist Candace N. Buethorn paints from life or her own sketches from life, never from photographs. Her landscapes capture the moment and atmosphere in her gestural, signature style. “Watercolor continues to surprise me”, says Buethorn. “I love to pretend to have some control over this juicy medium, all the while knowing I’m on the edge of chaos.”

I have worked with Bellingham Frameworks for years and am always impressed with their creativity and quality of work. They are quick and take the utmost care in framing my work so that I am able to proudly display it in my new gallery or other locations around the region.

Candace Buethorn2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

David Pillinger


Travel photography, including Cuba, Morocco, Argentina and Uruguay.

I have art from all around the world and I have always used Bellingham Frameworks to mount and frame for me. Great, friendly service too!

David Pillinger2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

John D’Onofrio


John D’Onofrio’s photography explores the forms, textures and colors of the natural world. Trained as a painter, his work has been widely exhibited and has appeared in calendars and magazines, been utilized in the film and television industry and by North Cascades National Park and the U.S. Forest Service.

I’ve used Bellingham Frameworks exclusively for many years. They immediately understood the aesthetic that I was after and have done an impeccable job of presenting my work. I have depended on them time and time again to meet deadlines and they’ve never let me down. And they’re great folks!

John D’Onofrio2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

Julia Clifford


Clifford Creations

Capturing moments of grace through my art is my life’s work. Rich luminous layers of color create dreamy, mysterious or whimsical landscapes. I am a multi-media artist. I use paint as my primary medium but I use whatever medium that best tells the story –film, illustration, sculpture and writing.

I love working with Bellingham Frameworks. I take all my framing needs to them. They are fast, high quality and work within my budget. When I have framing challenges, they help me solve my problems. And they are a whole lot of fun, a pleasure to work with!

Julia Clifford2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

Lisa McShane


Lisa captures the sweeping landscapes of the American west with a focus on the places she loves best: the Palouse, coulees, eroded hills and roads of Eastern Washington and the lakes and rivers of Western Washington. Her deeply layered luminous oil paintings capture a profound love of the wide-open land.

One of her paintings, The Sun Sets on the Slope of the Horse Heaven Hills, was recently selected for the Art in Embassies program and will be on exhibit in the American Embassy in Yemen for the next several years. You can see her work at the Roby/King Gallery in Bainbridge and the Smith and Vallee Gallery in Edison.

I refer local clients to Bellingham Frameworks and I’ve been really pleased with the results. They come away with high quality framing that makes my art shine.

Lisa McShane2019-05-13T15:43:24-07:00
25 02, 2015

Mark Turner


Turner Photographics

Mark Turner photographs families, high school seniors, and pets in their environment or in his studio to create heirloom portraits to display prominently in your home. He also photographs landscapes, gardens, and native plants throughout the Pacific Northwest with an eye to detail and the natural beauty of our region.

I’ve partnered with Bellingham Frameworks for the past couple of years to handle all of my framing needs for my portrait and fine art customers. No matter the size or deadline Paul gets it done, right the first time, and always with a smile. Convenience, service, and quality come together in Paul’s shop.

Mark Turner2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

Ruthie V.


Raw gestural works on canvas, linen, and paper. I try to convey as much meaning with as few brush strokes as possible, and most of my work is built around strong concepts.

Frameworks knows how to make my work look it’s best. Paul has a great eye for quality and style.

Ruthie V.2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

T R Shimon


little flat top studio

My style is modified cubism

It’s always a pleasure to work with Paul and Jess. They are always open to my ideas, and, at my request, forthcoming with their opinions.

T R Shimon2015-02-25T14:49:52-08:00
25 02, 2015

Tore Ofteness


Commercial, Industrial and Aerial Photography – I produce photography for a wide range of clients.

When my clients need framing, I always choose, or recommend, Bellingham Frameworks. For my own needs, matting and framing, they are also my first choice. Bellingham Frameworks has consistently provided excellent service, in timely fashion and at a competitive price.

Tore Ofteness2019-05-13T15:43:24-07:00